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We organize, lead and present at workshops on a variety of topics related to sustainable development.  Some of our events include:

“Stakeholder Communication in Support of Social License to Operate”
GERENS Executive MBA Program (Lima, Peru)
Colorado School of Mines
Golden, CO
July 2014

Investor Relations Support Seminar
Denver Gold Group
Toronto, ON
June 2014

“Stakeholder Relations in the Digital Age”
64th Annual MPD Meeting
Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
Colorado Springs, CO
April 2014

116th National Western Mining Conference & Exhibition
Colorado Mining Association
Denver, CO
April 2014

April Networking Luncheon
Denver Gold Group
Denver, CO
April 2014

“Reputation Management in the Digital Age: Oil & Gas”
American Exploration & Production Council
Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Training
Denver , CO
September 2013

“Using Social Media in the Mining Sustainability Dialogue”
PDAC Conference
Toronto, Canada
March 2013

“Workshop summary: the socio-economic contribution of gold mining in Peru”
Gold for Development Workshop
Lima Gold Symposium
Lima, Peru
May 2012

“The Socio-Economic Contribution of Gold Mining in Peru”
Gold for Development Workshop
World Bank
Washington, DC, USA
October 2011

“Sustainability Evaluation: Business, financial and
reputational implications for mining companies”

Belem, Brazil
November 2010

“Gold Mining and the Resource Curse: A life-cycle assessment
of Tanzania”

Denver Gold Group Luncheon
Denver, Colorado, USA
February 2010

“Quantifying Sustainability Performance for Reputational Management:
A comparative analysis of five global mining companies”

Belo Horizonte, Brazil
September 2009

“Safeguarding Workplace and Community Health: How gold mining
companies are fighting TB and related infectious disease”

WHO Stop TB Partners Forum
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
March 2009

“Safeguarding Workplace and Community Health: How gold mining
companies are fighting HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria”

SME Conference
Denver, Colorado, USA
February 2009

“Sustainability in the Mining Industry”
Mineral Economics Graduate Forum
Colorado School of Mines
Golden, Colorado, USA
November 2007

For more information on our seminars and short courses, please call (303) 638-4193, or e-mail

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