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Custom Research On Sustainable Development

Responsibly managed organizations know that their operations contribute measurable, positive impacts to the communities in which they operate, but they don’t always manage to prove tangible, quantifiable benefits.

Even when companies have the expertise to produce research and reports on their own, workers, residents, and community leaders are often suspicious of company-provided information.

Since 2006, we have been producing objective custom research and market intelligence. Our sustainability reporting is conducted in collaboration with other respected, non-biased academic research and can be used to:


  • help facilitate renewal of permits
  • build trust with residents in communities affected by mining or oil and gas operations
  • quantify capacity building and economic development for government leaders, regulators, and permitting authorities
  • disseminate pertinent information to all of the stakeholders of an operation
  • inform shareholders, socially responsible investment groups (SRIs), and the media

Our areas of expertise in custom research include:

  • capacity building / community development
  • economic development and life cycle assessments
  • environmental management and stewardship
  • workplace environment and conditions
  • workplace and community health
  • community relations and engagement
  • transparency and governance

Our reports and publications, which are trusted and highly regarded, include not only research, but also recommendations for best practices and policies.

For more information on our custom research services, please call (303) 638-4193, or e-mail

Click here to read the custom research report on “The economic contribution of large-scale gold mining in Peru”.

Click here to read the custom research report on “Gold mining and the transformation of developing economies”.

Click here to read the custom research report on “Safeguarding workplace and community health”.

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