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Resource Initiatives provides sustainability consulting services to global organizations and companies. Our main services are listed below .

  • Custom Research : Our custom research and reporting covers the full range of sustainable development impact assessments, including economic development, life cycle assessments, environmental management, workplace conditions, workplace and community health, capacity building, community engagement, governance, and more.
  • Sustainability Reports: We develop both annual and issue-specific sustainability reports, and we create the entire report or work in tandem with a company’s in-house staff.
  • Video Productions: Our professional-quality video productions bring to life the positive impacts of sustainable development, as told through the eyes of the  employees, community residents of the community, beneficiaries of economic development, and others.
  • Speaking Engagements: We are pleased to serve as keynote speakers, panel participants, and presenters at conferences, meetings, and gatherings across the world.
  • Seminars & Short Courses: We present break-out sessions, workshops, seminars, and short courses at industry conferences and trade shows.
  • Media Relations: we handle all phases of both proactive and reactive media relations, from press releases and collateral material development to arranging interviews and journalist site tours.

For more information on our sustainability consulting services, please call (303) 638-4193, or e-mail info@resourceinitiatives.com.

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