Expertise And Experience

We have broad expertise and experience in sustainable development.

Capacity Building And Community Development

Analysis of the long-term contributions which company operations can make to a local community including: schools and education, improvements in public health, construction of roads, highways, transportation systems, communications, dams, water treatment and other infrastructure.

Economic Development And Life Cycle Assessments

Critics of the mining and oil and gas industries have argued that a “resource curse” plagues developing countries, in which the extraction of natural resources contributes to poverty, corruption and a host of economic woes. Resource Initiatives has investigated and published research on the actual effects of large-scale gold mining on multiple developing economies, including Tanzania and Peru. The findings, based on decades data from the largest gold producers, strongly refuted the central claims of the “resource curse” argument. Instead, they showed that few industries had provided greater support for the economy in crucial areas such as foreign exchange earnings, and even tax payments.

Environmental Management And Stewardship

Analysis of the environmental impact that operations have on the surrounding environment, including water, air, soil and biodiversity. This includes concurrent environmental rehabilitation, as well as post-mining closure and reclamation.

Workplace Environment And Conditions

Analysis of the workplace conditions, including human rights issues, grievances processes and resolutions, fair pay policies, and employee health.

Managing Infectious Disease in Mining Communities

Despite increasing attention on the gold market by consumers and investors, many gold-producing countries suffer with multiple disease epidemics. Mine workers, their families and communities struggle under the burden of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria – diseases which together represent the greatest challenge to economic development in many developing countries. Resource Initiatives has studied gold mining companies’ work in disease management. This report was presented at the Stop TB Partners Forum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Community Relations And Engagement

Analysis of community relations and engagement strategies, including public relations, community consultations, surveys and outreach/education.

In our custom research, sustainability reports, and video productions / documentaries, we can cover some or all of the topics listed above.

We are also available for presentations and keynote speaking at conferences and meetings.


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