Video: Social Media in the Mining Sustainability Dialogue

Video: Social Media in the Mining Sustainability Dialogue

Resource Initiatives has released the recap video of its recent PDAC workshop on “Using New Media in the Mining Sustainability Dialogue.” Recognizing that company sustainability reports are often overlooked by key stakeholders in favor of social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, we convened a panel of industry experts from the world’s leading mining companies – Barrick, Newmont, Rio Tinto, Gold Fields and Inmet – to explore this digital age in the sustainable mining dialogue.

This new video captures highlights from the highly sought-after, standing-room-only session.  Panelists expressed the need for rapid response in the 24×7 world of social media, the ways in which the often-remote locations of mining operations make social media an ideal tool for involving geographically dispersed stakeholders in company activity, and the new two-way dialogue that social media has introduced into mining communications.

For press coverage of the workshop, click here.

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