Workshop: Using New Media in the Mining Sustainability Dialogue

Resource Initiatives will present a workshop at the 2013 PDAC conference in Toronto on March 5th entitled Using New Media in the Mining Sustainability Dialogue, featuring panelists from Barrick, Newmont, Gold Fields, Rio Tinto and Inmet.

While mining companies and trade organizations spend substantial resources in sustainability communications and reporting, much of the resulting material is not read by the intended stakeholders. Instead, video and social media networks are now used and trusted by these stakeholders more readily than industry-produced reports or company websites.

This session will feature a panel of professionals from the world’s largest mining companies with unique perspectives and experience in the use and effect of new media on the CSR dialogue. Participants will benefit first from hearing the perspective of each panelist, and then from participating in an open discussion of these new tools in the mining context. Examples of new media used by (and against) the mining industry will be presented for discussion.

Event details:

“Using New Media in the Mining Sustainability Dialogue”
Tuesday, March 5th
Room 711
South Building
Metro Toronto Convention Centre

There is no advance registration for the event and it is free to attend. PDAC conference registration is not required.  Limited seating is on a first come, first served basis.

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